MAKITECH is a manufacturing company with the headquarter in Nagoya, Japan.

Based on abundant experiences and technologies accumulated throughout over 70 years since 1946, MAKITECH manufactures a variety of rollers, conveyors, logistics-related products, construction materials and other products such as welfare products.

Corporate Motto

  • Harmony is to be valued.
  • We cooperate with each other.
  • We constantly move forward.
  • We strive to be creative and original.
  • We manufacture safe and good quality products with shorter lead time and lower cost.
  • This is how we contribute to the world's progress.

Company Profile

Company Name Makitech Co.,Ltd.
Headquarter Address 1-9-21 Hataya, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 456-0027 Japan
Founded Year 1946
Capital 79,121 thousand yen (as of March 31, 2023)
Representative Hiroyuki Ohno, President
Employees 1051 (consolidated, as of March 31, 2023)
Factories & Offices 13 factories and 76 offices in Japan (as of March 31, 2023)
Foreign Subsidiary
Affiliated Companies

Wuxi Maki Logistics Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Danyang Makilifetech Co.,Ltd.
Broadwatch Shanghai Co.,Ltd.




Makitech Taiwan Co.,Ltd.


Maki-Sutee Enginieering Co.,Ltd.


PT. Makitech Sistem Indonesia


Makitech Corporation

Main Business

Production and sales of conveyors, distribution and logistics equipments

Production and sales of construction materials (solar panels, LED lights, gratings and housing materials)

Production and sales of welfare products



Striving for Excellence
in Quality,
Performance &

Makitech traces its roots back to 1946 when Maki Masao established Maki Industrial in Nagoya, Japan. The company specializes in subcontracting agricultural power generators and textile parts. After exploring and manufacturing pachinko machine handle bearings and conveyor bearings, he started full-scale conveyor manufacturing in 1971.

Maki Shinichi took over in 1974 and spent the following years building the company into one of Japan’s leading conveyor manufacturers. He expanded the company domestically through acquisition and established a global presence in Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia. Under Maki Shinichi leadership, the company diversified its core industries to include not only Conveyors but also Distribution & Logistics Systems, Construction Materials, and Care Assistance Products.

Makitech develops and produces the majority of its components, including everything from automation design to manufacturing, assembly, and installation. Makitech works with trusted partners specializing in software, control systems, and mechatronic modules to deliver quality products to clients. Makitech also takes care of service and maintenance during ongoing operations.

Masao Maki founded Maki Industrial in Nagoya, Japan. Over time, the company, Makitech, has evolved into a premier systems integrator for automated factory and logistics system solutions in Japan.

Globally, Makitech employs over 1,051 employees from seven countries who contribute their experience, expertise, and dedication.

Our AMR and robot palletizing systems are deployed across Japan, ensuring the fully automatic storage and retrieval of goods.

Makitech is represented in seven countries - from Sapporo to Fukuoka, Shanghai to Jakarta.

Putting their heads together: Our experts develop customized and digitalization solutions for factory and warehouse automation.

The average age of our employees is around 45.5 years old. Whether trainee or experienced employees: We succeed as a team.

As of 2022, we have manufactured and installed more than 3 million high-performance rollers in energy-efficient conveying systems worldwide.

Currently, 20 highly qualified experts work in the development and production of our highly automated robotics solutions.

We have provided 75 years of service and maintenance to our clients.

Diversified core industries include the incorporation of future technologies in Conveyors, Distribution & Logistics Systems, Construction Materials & Care Assistance Products.