Why Makitech?

Placeholder Safety & Quality

We focus on safety and high-quality standards often associated with high-end Japanese products.

Placeholder Delivery

Delivery is essential. Our goal is to manufacture products near customers. This way, we try for on-time delivery regardless of the destination.

Placeholder Price

Competitive pricing is the key.We try to reduce cost by manufacturing products in our foreign factories as well as in Japan.


Worldwide Business

Exporting over 20 countries

We are a Japanese company, but our business is not limited to Japan.

We have 2 group companies and 5 partner companies;
3 in China, 2 in Vietnam, 1 in Thailand and Indonesia.

We have experience of exporting our products to customers in more than 20 countries and regions for over a half century.

Not only do we export products, but also we send our professional supervisors abroad for field surveys and installments.


Since its founding in 1946, Makitech has provided a variety of rollers, conveyors, logistics-related products, construction materials and other products such as welfare products.

Our products have been used in various countries.

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