Makitech continue to refine our technology day by day in order to fully utilize "gravity", the green energy source, to its full potential.

Our gravity conveyors are durable and reasonable.

Check our original conveyor selection manual if you are having trouble selecting conveyor specifications.

Steel Gravity Conveyor

We have a variety of conveyors with diameter of φ19 to φ76 in order to meet customers' requirements.

Stainless Gravity Conveyor

Makitech offers a wide variety to choose from, with stainless steel frame options ranging from φ12 to φ60.

Aluminum Gravity Conveyor

It is a lightweight and portable roller conveyor with its main components made of aluminum.

Resin Gravity Conveyor

It is a roller conveyor with resin rollers and an aluminum frame.

Tapered Gravity Conveyor

Available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, it ensures smooth transportation during curves.

Conveyor Stands

Optional Standard Frame Legs for our conveyors.