Kansai Logistics Expo 2021

During 16 - 18 June 2021, Makitech presented at Kansai Logistics Expo 2021 in Japan.

Exhibited Products

  • This product is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) which, by attaching driven conveyors up the product, autonomously collects items from a conveyor line, transporting it to previously set locations or lines.
  • We adopt special software supplied by Navitec in Finland in order to achieve its positioning accuracy within ±10mm.
  • Because it is an AMR driven by 2D SLAM, you no longer need extra installment such as attaching magnetic tapes. All you need is mapping with lasers.

    â– Specifications of Robot-V100

  • Place of origin: Japan
  • Load capacity: 100kg*
  • Guided way: NFN (2D-SLAM)
  • Steering way: dual steering wheel driven
  • Running direction: forward, backward, spin turn
  • Max run speed: 40m/min*
  • Power supply: lithium ion battery
  • Charging system: wireless charging (automatic)
* Varies depending on the conditions

Palletizing Robot System
  • Two systems were employed for our exhibited systems:
    1. 3D robot vision system
      3D robot vision system is an image system which consists of original algorithm using 3D measurement camera equipped with IR distance sensors.
    2. picking system
      A picking system method is commonly used where a picker picks each item in discrete order, thus increasing the efficiency, speed and accuracy of picking activities.

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